I use this video to accelerate my faith, healing and actions.


Life like a catapult

Have you ever wish or think if you are like a catapult and once you sit on it, get pulled to the very back, then spring off… zoom… you landed to another far away place and right at where you want to aim or go to. Where things or time look bad, I can spring up like a catapult and pull back, rest and relax first, then spring off to another location or higher heights to achieve the level of motivation or success I love.

I walk by faith not by sight as I got excited after I exit a biz training on Saturday. I keep repeating singing I walk by faith not by sight.

Spring up oh well and it is not going to happen by my own strength now. Now I start to sing to the promise. Cool.



There is no such thing as eliminating habits. You either replace it or give it up for something else.

Instead of eating, go jogging.

Instead of smoking, do writing.

What habits do you want to replace or kick off?

I am going to replace my habit of worrying into doing more reading of books to help me.


Experience to memory

In order to have memory, we need experience. Else it could be a false imagination or memory which we created.

Something I learn from what our mind can do. Sometimes when we get worries, we tend to imagine the worse it can ever created without realizing that we had not experience it but the mind love to experience it without getting into reality. That really stress one physically and mentally as you can see now.

If you understand how our mind work, you will be amazed that we can allow ourselves to work in the way we want it in spite of any economy or situation or circumstances. If we didn’t give ourselves or our brain enough reasons to understand why we think that way, we get all the negative emotion and choke up right up to our imagination.

We are actually a very creative creature if you would have think positive or negative, wouldn’t you agree? Either way, we imagine to the fullest. So really it is our choice to balance the thought and bring it to reality. No one can alter your brain unless you allow them to or you give control to others. Giving control is like someone giving you through suggestions, hypnosis or other means.

Choose your own life, create your own life, live your own life through experience things you would ever want to imagine.

Happy imagining and experiencing..

Mid Life Crisis

Recently just came to know of this term Mid Life Crisis from a friends in a chat group. It could happen to anyone consciously or subconsciously. I realized it is happening to me. Crisis come from a Greek word that means, literally, “decisiveness” or “point of decision.

Crisis to mean turning point. For me it is getting better and live better.  Sometimes I think about what I am going to do, and what I want to happen. Often times, the batter is goind to do, or what may happen to me. I concentrated on what I wanted to happen, felt that I could make it happen, and it usually did.

This is the same attitude I would use on all crisis situation. This help me to maintain an aggressive attitude and react aggressively instead of negatively to threats and crises, the very situation itself can act as a stimulus to release untapped powers. It is like racking my nerves to make it work for me. Nothing what happens, I can handle it, or I can see it through, rather than I hope nothing happens.

Good question to ask  so that we can be rational in our thinking and analyzing of the crisis situation : “What is the worse that can possibly happen if I fail?”

Everything depend this outlook to the attitude “I have everything to gain and nothing to lose.”

I can only say that above all, the key to any crisis situation is you.

Faith, Hope and Imagination

These are what I aspired to use. Greatest application to do the impossible.

Creative imagination – I am the creator

As I re-learn how to a be a great marketer, this is getting exciting. It tell so much about ME.

I also learn how to re-program myself for success. It is getting more and more exciting as I make a daily effort to love my self more.

This is mind blowing. It just heightened my faith, hope and imagination. Knowledge can be overloaded but I feel less anxious and nervous now. Somehow the mind know how to handle them well. Anxiety can be stressful but if you know how to love your self-image you can replace any negative thoughts. I also learn to relax better in my body and mind.

Able to resolve problem is just an self-image, I just awake to this idea. I thought I need to be clever or creative. Mental block is how I see my self-image as negatively.

Strengthen my self-image is one of my goal.

Creative block can be removed by relaxation of our muscle.

Learning how to react to crisis situations is how we can handle stress or work under pressure better. A crisis is a situation that can either make you or break you. If you react properly to the situation, a “crisis” can you give you strength, power, wisdom you do not ordinarily process. If you react improperly, a crisis can rob you of the skill, control, and ability that you ordinarily have to call upon.

What a enlightening life.



How to have positive beliefs in self

  1. Forgive others with no strings attached
  2. Forgive yourself
  3. You see yourself at the best
  4. You learn to keep up with yourself not with someone else

I desire to be happy so I have my success mechanism working for me now.

My 7 aspects of SUCCESS

S – Sense of direction

U- Understanding

C- Courage

C- Compassion

E- Esteem

S- Self-Acceptance

S- Self confidence


People mimic everyone whom they trust

As I observed my children and other children, I notice there is a similarity of the children with their parents, peers and teachers. I was certainly sure somehow they will follow or copy their parents, peers and teachers actions if their behavior and mind tell them they like it.

I notice in my children who has a certain eating habit as I tried to figure out how they choose their food and what make them choose that food for that particular day. It just make me think about my past how I eat and I am glad I did have my choice of food and yet I can accept what my parents cook for the family. I grow up in a traditional Chinese family and obviously the food we had on the table is mainly traditional chinese food either my mum or my late father cook it or my  mum went out to buy them.

I have my favorite childhood food and they change over time now.

Still I notice how my late father would choose his food and eat consistently the same thing over and over again. He never get sick one day due to food. Now in our century, my children will get sick of the food they eat everyday or every week. Then they will try to ask for a change. So if we do copy others in doing certain action, do we change over time if we are consciously get used to it?

I recall the time I would often talk like my late father, so direct and yet profound. My aunty would always say I am so direct and yet so clear and correct on what I want to say.

Or perhaps we might perfect in our own ways so that our action can benefit us and be more efficient in executing them. I wonder if we mimic or copycat or follow other’s action for what and why? I am certain amazed by my behaviors now.

Don’t Be Too Careful

Take no though for the morrow.

Careful in nothing.

I have been too tensed, too concerned for results, too anxious.. there got to be a better and easier way.

I let go of the egoistic preoccupation about my results which leads to a bad habit I had accumulated for life. I learnt when once a decision is reached and execution is the order of the day, dismiss absolutely all responsibility and care about the outcome. Let my intellectual and practical run itself and let it run free and I will be surprise at the service it will render to me which is twice as good.

Surrender is something which I often do as a good habit now. I gave up struggle consciously and stop trying to solve any problems I am facing. I surrender to the higher power which is Jesus. It certainly make me feel lighter and lifted up higher. By giving my compulsive self a rest, I found a greater Self is there. Wow…I found victory by Surrender.