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I just get to hear this on youtube on Jim Rohn motivation talk.

It is so clear that if you never quit in whatever situation you are in, you will get what you want in time.

Jim Rohn – What makes your life worthwhile?

May this video be your motivation as you hear it today.

Thank you.


Facebook is taking aim at clickbait — Quartz

Facebook is dealing yet another blow to media outlets. The company is tweaking its newsfeed algorithm to lower the frequency of “clickbait” stories in the coming weeks. Facebook, the world’s largest social network with 1.71 billion users, defines clickbait as articles with headlines that “intentionally leave out crucial information, or mislead people.” Facebook says it…

via Facebook is taking aim at clickbait — Quartz

Does God approve network marketing?

That was the question I have in mind and I get have a clear insight of what the bible says about him being a leader with followers.

And guess what I found this interesting write up from a Network Marketer I knew online.

What God thinks of network marketing

I am thankful for him who had taught me so many value principles on network marketing which is inline with the bible and Jesus’ teaching.

I am forever grateful.