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I just get to hear this on youtube on Jim Rohn motivation talk.

It is so clear that if you never quit in whatever situation you are in, you will get what you want in time.

Jim Rohn – What makes your life worthwhile?

May this video be your motivation as you hear it today.

Thank you.


Motivation and more

I used to work and work and then when I needed time for a break, it is either for travel or some motivation course or class to attend to perk me up before I work for some more.

Life can be meaningless and I am not sure if this relate to you in some way. I decided to break this pattern but I was not sure what I am heading onto as I keep searching and searching for 5 over years. I am glad I did make the step to step out of my comfort zone, my fixed salary job, my usual routine and my boring desk.

Now I have a desk where I know where I move and I can work anywhere in the world. I am glad this chance come to me at this point of my low life. I am thankful for my partner who bought me to this business venture. It combine fun, fulfillment and freedom together. It is hard to imagine such things would exist. Yes it will but you need to design it not at your own term if you have a full time job. Now I can design it at my own term and not look up to another boss’s goal. It is my own goal, my own fun, my own timetable.

How does that sound? To me at first it sound like a dream come true. It is a dream and the reality is that I am in it now.

I am all in it.

I am more self motivated then before. I have plenty of mentors whom I can learn from and look up to without spending too much money now.

Care to share, share to care. I can share with you only if you are willing to allow me to share with you.

Thank you for reading this.

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BE, Do and Have

As I was watching Zig Ziglar youtube on BE, DO and HAVE –

Wow.. I must say, it blow my mind again and how misconceived I was before in not doing step by step but get into anxiety and miserable in getting my things I want. Yes everything I do is step by step, even baby steps. How I had forgotten and get caught up with so many steps, then get so anxious and impatient to move up to the top. Humble myself again and I felt refreshed.

Again, Zig Ziglar remind of my foundation to success, security, love, peace, money, opportunity, freedom, money and happiness.

6 Desire

5 Work

4 Attitude

3 Goals

2 Your relationships with others

1 Self -image (Character, Faith, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty)

I was once again to work on my self-image. Yes good self image will bring you up and higher. I am thankful on what I am working on myself. Happy to be me.

Keep working on yourself that is our responsibility. How others respond to you is their business. I take care of my self image first based on principle from Dale Carnegie Training.

Conditioning of my mind

I love conditioning my mind. It smooth my mind.

I help me to revitalize. The conditioning can be what I say good to myself, what I give to myself in term of food, things, etc.

Conditioning of the mind for 5-15 mins everyday every morning and night help me to stay on track of WHO I AM.

I simply love and condition my mind.