As I enter to the 2nd day of 2017, I may have my goals and resolutions list, I am still thankful for what I had and going to have.

With this enthusiasm, I continue to march forward and do what is necessary to achieve my goals.

Take a deep breathe in and out for 3 times, clear my mind. Then with gratitude, I give thanks for all the things that run through my thoughts. It certainly make me feel refreshed and wonderful that I can remember and recall what I had gone through.

Do this exercise as often as you can to increase that enthusiasm you are looking for in 2017 to fulfill whatever you love to do.

May your year 2017 start with a big bang!


Positive thinking

Positive thinking won’t let you do anything but it will make you do everything.

We need to set some goals and do actions on the goals we want to reach. It has to do with our direction of life we want to head to.

  1. Make a list of specific goals
  2. Time your goals
  3. List of obstacles and people who is going to help you overcome

Think big will help us to overcome small frustration and obstacles like market changes.



BE, Do and Have

As I was watching Zig Ziglar youtube on BE, DO and HAVE –

Wow.. I must say, it blow my mind again and how misconceived I was before in not doing step by step but get into anxiety and miserable in getting my things I want. Yes everything I do is step by step, even baby steps. How I had forgotten and get caught up with so many steps, then get so anxious and impatient to move up to the top. Humble myself again and I felt refreshed.

Again, Zig Ziglar remind of my foundation to success, security, love, peace, money, opportunity, freedom, money and happiness.

6 Desire

5 Work

4 Attitude

3 Goals

2 Your relationships with others

1 Self -image (Character, Faith, Integrity, Honesty, Loyalty)

I was once again to work on my self-image. Yes good self image will bring you up and higher. I am thankful on what I am working on myself. Happy to be me.

Keep working on yourself that is our responsibility. How others respond to you is their business. I take care of my self image first based on principle from Dale Carnegie Training.

Fear vs Courage

I was struggling with fear and courage at the same time. Wrestling between both and I can’t believe it until I realized it. I am glad I could see it now. It certainly paralyse me in some way until I hear a audio about what I can do to overcome my fear and be courageous in whatever I want to do. That is when I start to wake up.

In moment like this, I talk to my self, I just have to believe in myself again and I did. Then next minutes, the mind just open up and everything just flow. My friend start to introduce to me a new friend whom potentially I can prospect to.

As I master my fear, I tell myself – It is the beginning, I am becoming afraid. This calm me down a lot.

There is an old way of saying “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.”

And if I am not getting the results I want, then I must do something different. For a moment, I did something different by shifting my thoughts about fear and courage came in in a form of a person or light I would see. I could see the beaming hope and this awake my soul and mind again.

Thank you universe for responding this way.

Introducing – Power Thinking Expert – Mel Jones

I would like to introduce you all to the Power Thinking Expert Mel Jones whom I met on the internet.

He is a cool guy with his powerful coaching style which he had released on a book call 90: Building The Ultimate Empire is now.

Below is his Press Release/Introduction and I would strongly encourage you to take a look at his blog and read his book.

I am impressed by what he blog about coaching, which is sometime close to my heart as a mother, life coach, wife, business owner and daughter.

Thank you Mel Jones for your sharing.


Power Thinking Expert – Mel Jones

Press Release

The 90 day count down has begun for the only 90-chapter book ever written specifically to be read 1 chapter at a time in 90 days in order to reprogram your thinking. 90: Building The Ultimate Empire is now available on Amazon and to those committed enough to complete the 90-day challenge will be upgraded with a new mindset. A software that combines the effectiveness of critical analysis with the limitless capabilities of creative fluidity. These are the necessary components for successfully programming Powerful Thinking into your hard drive.


90: Building The Ultimate Empire was written by Powerful Thinking Expert/Coach Mel Jones. The resident of Williamsburg, VA was raised in a military family and has led the way for his sister and 2 younger brothers by being the first to graduate from College as a full-ride scholarship athlete. Jones later became the Top Personal Trainer for American Family Fitness in 2015, while leading a life as a Motivational Speaker (AKA The Motivational Philosopher), and constructing the next big fitness line of the world (Grip Work Gear LLC).

My mission is to create an army of Powerful Thinkers. I know powerful thinking creates success, and success to me is becoming someone you’re proud of. That sense of pride brings a feeling of fulfillment. I believe we should all live in fulfillment every day and that is how you spell LIFE.”A powerful statement from Mel Jones.

As a YouTube personality, Jones has spent the last 3 years speaking on camera helping individuals to improve their own thinking whilst he sought to do the same for himself. “It took me about 8 months to physically write the book, but essentially I started back in 2013,” shared Jones. He explained how he started his YouTube career with 90 motivational videos recorded and posted consecutively over the course of 90 days. And Jones didn’t miss a day.

The 90-day practice has become sort of a mantra for Mel Jones, hooked on the idea that one can change their life by changing their habits. But he takes it one step further. Jones felt that the reason why people failed to change their habits, knowing that it would ultimately improve their lives for the better, was merely because their current thinking wouldn’t allow it. He believes Einstein said it best, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

There’s something special about this book. The information in it is not necessarily ground breaking, and it’s not supposed to be. His strategy has been specifically catered to make a 90-day transformation exercise doable for anybody. Even though the text embarks almost 300 pages of content, each chapter averages around 3-4 pages in length. Who doesn’t have 15 minutes to spare a day?

90: Building The Ultimate Empire is a self-help book written in a way that even the most time consumed individual can successfully start and finish a 300-page book without having to carve out a large chunk of time out of their life to do it. You can quickly get a chapter in while you drink your coffee in the morning, while on your lunch break, or even right before bed. It’s convenient, it’s effective, and it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something in a short amount of time. Mel Jones has made reading fulfilling again.

The new book is available on Amazon NOW for purchase. For those seeking to get their hands on a signed copy of 90: Building The Ultimate Empire, email Mel Jones by or go to


About 90: Building The Ultimate Empire 

They say it takes 90 days to create a new habit. How about

building a new mind? Mel Jones, Powerful Thinking Coach and motivational speaker, has created a 90-day powerful thinking manual that will equip you with the necessary mental tools to break your old way of thinking, so that you may transform into the greater version of you. This is for the entrepreneur looking to take his company to the next level,the football coach trying to rebuild after a loosing season, the student attempting to balance her work/class schedule, the couple who just joined their first gym, and even the stay-at-home mother searching for her own feeling of significance. 90: Building The Ultimate Empire is a road map through your mind, written so you may be prepared to combat any and all mental road blocks that you will encounter on your journey to becoming a Powerful Thinker.

For more information about how you can order your copy TODAY go to

About Mel Jones (The Motivational Philosopher) 

Mel Jones is a graduate of The College of William and Mary. He played 5 years for the Tribe Football team while majoring in the field of economics. Being raised in a military family, Mel was privileged to live in many states across America such as Hawaii, Texas, Maryland and was even stationed half way across the world in South Korea. His experience with a large variety of people and environments has allowed him to pick up valuable skills in leadership, communication, and problem solving. Now living in Williamsburg, VA, Mel Jones shares with thousands of people online his stories of overcoming challenges, knowledge on financial growth, and advice on dealing with people in all phases of life. When not Speaking to an audience or Sales team, Mel uses his Personal Training background to help coach people into a more fit lifestyle.

For more information about Mel Jones visit Also connect on Instagram and Facebook @motivationalphilosopher


About Grip Work Gear LLC 

Grip Work Gear was founded on one truth. The truth of what your life is really about. Personal Responsibility. It is the very thing that our parents, coaches, teachers, and mentors try to instill in us, but normally with fail. Why? Because past generations have missed out on something that the new generations have figured out. That life is more than just about paying bills, raising children, and staying out of trouble. It’s about going after your dreams and becoming the best version of yourself. It’s about taking life’s challenges head on to become who you were destined to be. It’s about picking up the weight because nobody will do it for you. You have to get a grip on life and promise yourself to never let go. Grip Work is our Mantra for the work we must put it. Ultimately, to achieve your greatness you have to do more than just grind for a day, you have to GRIP for a lifetime.

For more information about Grip Work Gear LLC visit Also connect on Twitter and Instagram @gripworkgear.

I move on without pain and fear

Now I finally can move on without pain and fear or what we call perseverance and will power. I had struggled my life. Now I can relax and be myself.

I can achieve success through relaxation.

This is so edifying.

How to do it? How did I do it?

I just use relax mental picture to help me. I didn’t know about this gift which I had been using it all these while or my life until I read a book. I now being to work on my self-image rather than projecting myself as someone whom I aspire to be which is so difficult for me. Cos I can’t see myself in other people shoe. I can only see myself in my own picture and I am more happier now. I notice I can recall a lot of my negative images which had been haunting me in the past, and detached with it.


Compound effect

What is compound? It basically mean riding on the previous to gain or increase.

Nowadays I often hear compound interest. Now I hear compound habit and compound success.

This is certainly true if you trace your success backwards by connecting the dots. I notice one thing, even if we do failed, it is still a path of success. And a lot of inspiring author would write their success stories derive from their failures. This is one sure way, we are compounding our success from failures or re-tries.

For our habit to gain some effectiveness, I would say practice make perfect. In doing or practicing, we are perfecting the habit to reach a level where we can be unconscious competent so that we can unconscious thinking how or figuring out how to do it properly as it is already embedded into our body or mind how it can be done. It is like driving a car for more than 20 years. This become like what I call an ART of driving. I do not need to consciously think how to drive now. I just do it anywhere. I just need to look out and be aware.


Do one thing at a time

Often time I think I am great multi tasker but I didn’t know the damage it had done to my nervous system until now.

You see my mind actually love to have all the things done but not at the same time.

Why do I say so? I used to watch TV and do homework at the same time, this often get me upset or angry if I couldn’t complete in time my work before a program end. I will end up being frustrated and I recall how my mum would be so patient with my nonsense.

Now I am glad my sons are not following my foot steps.

After a multi-tasking day, I notice I will end frustrated as if I need to crave for the next job or next thing to come. Can anyone relate to that action? It make me feel sucks and ouch!

Now that I realized it, I can let it go. Thank God.


Do you have a list of goals and dreams?

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”
Albert Einstein

Here are my list of goals and dreams

  1. My goal is to be able to travel to at least 1 country a year with myself or my family
  2. My goal is to be able to do the things I love everyday
  3. My goal is to listen to motivation recordings from my coach 2 hrs a day.
  4. My goal is to be a patient mother to my kids everyday
  5. My goal is to be a Millionaire by 2026
  6. My goal is to be on the same stage as my coach by July 2018

My 6 simple goal to start.

What are your goals and dreams?