Childhood dream

It has always been my dream to travel around the world. Literally I started from age 12 in my own hometown where I took bus from 1 place to another. It never failed to amaze me what I can do despite of how young the age I was. I just travel safe by taking the bus from the bus stop near my place and do a round trip so that I can make sure I can return to my home without asking for assistance. And I do all these by myself.

My mum and dad never question me nor feel unsafe for me. I know what I want to do. To see the world out there. It is not that my parents never bring me out, it is just the little explorer in me want to explore more places while I can. And I did it. Then after this little adventure, it got bigger into my thoughts. I got a chance to go Hong Kong on my own with my little brother who was 4 years younger than me. Fear never gripped me then. I only now this is the first chance I get to travel out of my country and step into a country where I will first know what is out there. Is it getting exciting?

I believe a lot of us are like that but for whatever reasons or fear or anything could have stop you from doing things you love. Well, if I never had the small thought of travel to start with, I believe I might not do it bigger as I was a quiet person.

This brew my mind bigger to more things in life. From that age onward, I never stop traveling around my country or to other countries. It is usually either a work opportunity or leisure trip. I am glad I am still able to do it with my own family now.

Whatever that dream might be, start it now or today. You will never know where it leads to. It is not how much money you have, it is how big your thoughts can get you to anywhere you want or can. Believe in yourself like I did at the age of 12.

My belief in traveling come from the various books from various author which spark my imagination and things I love to do. I encourage you to read and explore.



Hard truth on Entrepreneurship

I just went for another business presentation in a friend’s interested business. It is kinda interested as previously I had looked through so many business profile to create or find something I could fit it. I realized that they are more or less the same but the people involved sure make a of of hell of differences. Then only I realized that I beginning to know myself better as to who I am and how I had become who I am today.

It is so interesting that I am looking into the mirrors of my people’s life as I reflect who I am. I am glad I am more clear and sense of self image is becoming better and better due to this human behavior understanding I had come to understand.

I wish I had knew this long time ago, and this could save me more money or use money in a different and more compounded way. Nevertheless, like what I would had said, God, create a path that I could walk in and be who I am truly. I began to love myself more. My sense of direction is gathering back and channel to the correct path.

I now want to focus on what I love to do and enjoy what I am doing. No matter what the journey lies ahead of me, it is a wonderful journey I could have dreamed of or imagined before.

In the end I didn’t say yes to my friend’s business proposal but I look in my own business with more confidence and lesser fears. The brutal truth is there will be distractions, fear and uncertainty but I would not let all these emotions get in my way. Rather I would embrace them more and move on with love and light. As I wrote this I feel my spirit feel lighter and my mind more quiet. Thank God for this writing.

What do I think I need to get most of my life?

Think about any activities that get you excited and enthusiastic and make you feel most alive.

Imagine how your direction of your life will be. It will be me to be playful and creative about this topic which I had just got it. Thank God for this idea.

God knows if this will become my book one day. I like this idea.

I put it down as my goal. Feeling inspired and now trying to gather ideas how to start and complete my book.


My Life Map

  • Have you created your own life map for yourself?
  • What goals and dreams do you have?
  • How are you going to achieve them?
  • What kind of person do you need to become in order to achieve your dreams?

It seem like something I had forgotten to refresh or do now. Thanks to Tom Ziglar for the reminder.

What is my life map?

I am imagining……….



Experience to memory

In order to have memory, we need experience. Else it could be a false imagination or memory which we created.

Something I learn from what our mind can do. Sometimes when we get worries, we tend to imagine the worse it can ever created without realizing that we had not experience it but the mind love to experience it without getting into reality. That really stress one physically and mentally as you can see now.

If you understand how our mind work, you will be amazed that we can allow ourselves to work in the way we want it in spite of any economy or situation or circumstances. If we didn’t give ourselves or our brain enough reasons to understand why we think that way, we get all the negative emotion and choke up right up to our imagination.

We are actually a very creative creature if you would have think positive or negative, wouldn’t you agree? Either way, we imagine to the fullest. So really it is our choice to balance the thought and bring it to reality. No one can alter your brain unless you allow them to or you give control to others. Giving control is like someone giving you through suggestions, hypnosis or other means.

Choose your own life, create your own life, live your own life through experience things you would ever want to imagine.

Happy imagining and experiencing..

Innovate Invent Inspire

Present moment we innovate ourselves.

We invent to create the future

We inspire to get more success

Success is a way of life if we know who we are in the first and why we are doing it. Simple as that. It is not so much of you need money first to get things done now. Now I am more convinced it is my mindset which need to be change due to my self-image so that I can re-create the future I love to be in.

Thank you God in me.

It has been a rewarding and experiential 2016 for me. 2017 is going to be brand new me and forward looking I can move on with confidence and love to serve the world.

How to install beliefs?

I was reading the book by Maxwell Maltz on Pyscho-Cybernetics.

This is a brilliant book to start with if you are looking into how to be yourself, find yourself, install the correct beliefs and be successful. That is how I would summarized after reading half of the book. It is an enjoyable book and this is my 2nd time taking this book to read it again.

It just reveal so clearly now on how I can change my belief about myself and re-wire myself for success and happiness.

It just get better and clearer. I notice even if you may think positively or listen to positive stuffs or read positive stuffs, but if you never change that self within you, it will just be a passing thoughts or you will find an excuse that whatever you want to do doesn’t work. It is not working because we have a limited belief or limiting self. Some of us might say it is due to our negative thoughts. Yes indeed but what project that negative thoughts and feelings? It is us right? It is that ME that we might not have accepted or agree with in the first place. So we need to start with ourselves?

Just like what Albert Einstein quote say “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

Here the value we are talking about beliefs.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
Albert Einstein

When will I want to change?

For things to change, I must change FIRST.

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
Albert Einstein

So what we created in the first place, we can change it only if we allowed it.

I am starting to improve my self-image.

Do you have a list of goals and dreams?

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”
Albert Einstein

Here are my list of goals and dreams

  1. My goal is to be able to travel to at least 1 country a year with myself or my family
  2. My goal is to be able to do the things I love everyday
  3. My goal is to listen to motivation recordings from my coach 2 hrs a day.
  4. My goal is to be a patient mother to my kids everyday
  5. My goal is to be a Millionaire by 2026
  6. My goal is to be on the same stage as my coach by July 2018

My 6 simple goal to start.

What are your goals and dreams?

Ownership and responsibility

How we behave is how we own the things in our life? When we own it, we are responsible for its growth and well being.

It is merely how confident or certain we know what we are doing in life. If you to be like a business owner and thinking like a business owner, you know that no matter what you do, you cannot fail and even if you fail, you find another way or solution to make it happen.

How are you behaving in your life right now?

Why are you doing all these?

Are you goals inline with your thinking?

If not, where are you heading to?

As you learn to trust what you are doing or thinking at times, know that the how will bring you to somewhere you would like or love to be if you preserve on and continue. The principle of what we can work on is our gut feeling and trust. If you trust what you do, you would want to do it correctly and meaningfully. Wouldn’t you agree?