You Should Be Here


Grades vs Life experience

I thought of writing this blog as the country I live in are talking about grades and a recent suicidal case of a 11 year old boy whom didn’t perform up to his parent’s expectation on the result, committed suicide.

Just a little background about myself, I didn’t committed suicide because I got bad result but I struggled to get good results from my teenage age till university. And I still never give up. I ended up with a 3rd class degree but I ended up in a top 10 MNC company doing the job I love.My parents never give us pressure on results but I gave myself a lot of pressure due to peer pressure.

Now that I have 2 children on my own, I tell myself whatever I had gone through is in the past, I am willingly to go through with them again in this new era and new education system. Mind you, the education system not only didn’t not change for better, it got even worse in the mentality aspect until I read the news of the 11 year old boy who committed suicide due to 1 grade or few marks lower than expectation from the parent.

I feel that this is ridiculous and I always tell my children, so that as your altitude is good and you done your best, mummy is proud of you. Never compare with others as others will also be comparing with you. In this way, you are just giving yourself and others more pressure unnecessary. I told them love the learning part. Learning is what I achieved in my life long journey. Without learning, I would not have gone into so much knowledge nor interest of the world.

I am thankful through school I can read, write and communicate. On the whole, we still need to walk through what life gives us in return. Be kind to one another and be happy with what you have now in school and life. You will never know when you need to give it back to society like I did as a teacher, mentor and volunteer.

Feeling grateful and thankful each day as all these struggles in studying and results come to past. May anyone who read this, will find their true like and happiness in whatever they want to do.

Life like a catapult

Have you ever wish or think if you are like a catapult and once you sit on it, get pulled to the very back, then spring off… zoom… you landed to another far away place and right at where you want to aim or go to. Where things or time look bad, I can spring up like a catapult and pull back, rest and relax first, then spring off to another location or higher heights to achieve the level of motivation or success I love.

I walk by faith not by sight as I got excited after I exit a biz training on Saturday. I keep repeating singing I walk by faith not by sight.

Spring up oh well and it is not going to happen by my own strength now. Now I start to sing to the promise. Cool.


Hurt to healing

As a result of pain, we do get hurt, then we seek for something or someone to heal us. Does that sound familiar?

When I feel hurt, I feel discouraged and not sure how I can get out of this hurt. I recalled the last time I felt so hurt was my first relationship I had with my ex-boyfriend. Nothing seem to be able to fill me with joy again. I feel like ending my life and I almost did until God show me the light and rainbow. After that day, I started to sing with praise and yes the hurt is still there at that time. But I feel lighter and I went on to achieve my dream in spite of the differences and hurt I was carrying. I was able to cast this hurt out after I got married and renewed my covenant with Jesus again.

I am thankful God is always with me in spite of my short comings and difference. I was saved again and again through God’s mercies.

This is the best natural healing I ever had. The other healing in my life was when I was so stressed in my school days that I got multiple mouth ulcers which will really hurt for days. I would get angry and upset. And I still need to continue my life and studies. Then I began to submit again my life to Jesus in a healing session, I felt the sizzling sensation on my ulcers and the bubbles just dissolved the ulcers. I was healed that very instantly that night. I am thankful again and again. I just need to remember all his goodness, I felt recharged and this is healing.

You may have disappointment, or illness which is bugging you. Trust that once you renew your mind and thoughts, you will be healed again and again.