Failures and fears

I realised over the past few years in self development training or courses, they also say you can do it.

Yes we can do it. Then plus all the training to be one is like never ask us to apply it or use it on your life which is so general.

I feel sick and tired of this life training. Not that the training are no good but they are not helpful in achieving what I want to be.

I want to be free from broke.

And I finally found the one which exist in the world today. Never did I thought whatever I create in mind become a reality of someone who actually dare to create it.

Now I can be a follower and act on it with Failures and Fears. To break out from the freaking broke to become who I want to be.

Thank you God for the amazing journey I am embarking on now.

It is more fulfilling when someone actually show you what the self development can do, instead of just talk only.

Join me if you are interested.

You can skype me @serene.ng88 or email me @