What do you want to leave to your children?

I just had a conversation with my good friend and she shared with me her friend’s story on how a family grandparents doted on their children so much that they would go to any extend to give them the gifts the minute they said they want.

It is kinda sad that this is what we call, parent’s guilt of saying to them that now that I have good life, I want my children to have good life too.

For me, it doesn’t work this way unfortunately even though my parents live well off at their time. We were made to do that task and my father especially will remind me of the hard works we need to do before we achieve anything. I now can understand and confer with this statement. I am reminded also by my mentors that use broke to help to achieve what you really want in life example, success, freedom, financial freedom, etc.

My friend went on to continue that no wonder now a days in Singapore, children do not want to work after they got their degree. I was like how can it be? I work so hard to get my degree inspite of my dad initial disagreement that girl like me should not study so high. What is wrong with our kids in Singapore?

Then I remembered my neighbor’s niece is also behaving this way then she told me the reason is because they knew their parents are leaving them money and property. So there is no point to work so hard. I am not sure if this is happen else where in this world now. I believe if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

I see many children nowadays are driving things or doing things out of fear or can’t be bothered attitude. They no longer have dreams other than playing ipads. They no longer have desire, other than just play games, take drugs,join gangs, cyber bully and disco dancing to have fun. Is this what our world has become?

I remembered my dad ever told my mum our next few generations will be not any better off. I recalled seeing news everywhere so negative. Is this true? Or am I living in another virtual depression (sound like another war) ?

It is a reality that I had to accept and come to term. Now I just want to continue to educate my children into learning rather than just keep thinking about money or material possessions.


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