Who am I?

I am an optimist who always shines with positive energy. I am interested in many things around me and always strive to try something new.
Sometimes I can be impulsive and may do spur-of-the-moment things. Try to plan ahead, it will help you save time and energy.
I like to help other people. I am a generous person and know how to share happiness, for example, through volunteer work.
I am a strong and determined person. Despite any circumstance, I stand firm on my feet and move forward bravely. Keep up the good work! Don’t give up! I will definitely get a well-deserved award.
I am one of those people who don’t keep their problems inside and can talk openly about them with others, and I tend to find a solution together.
I evolve and grow as an individual. Constructive criticism, advice, and support of your family and friends helps you in this process.

So much describe in above sentences.

keep doing and Never quit.


Inspirations from Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki –
Now that the U.S. Election is over – I have good news & I have bad news…

Let me start first with a harsh reality. No matter what anyone is saying – things are getting bad out there & they’re only going to get worse. See, the World has changed, however, we’re still running out of old and faulty programming.

It’s crazy!

Here’s what we’re taught through the “OLD rules of Wealth…”

#1 – Go To School
#2 – Get a Job
#3 – Work Hard
#4 – Pay Your Taxes
#5 – Save Your Money
#6 – Get Out of Debt
#7 – Invest For The Long Term
#8 – Retire

Let me ask you something – does that REALLY sound like something you can do today and succeed?


This system can’t be further from the truth.

So, we were always told to Invest our money into the Stock Market and let the Economy take care of us. The plan was always simple…

We would Invest and let other people do the hard work. We would hope to get a 10% PASSIVE Income stream from our hard work and savings. But, the reality is that we can forget these kinds of returns, we’re actually lucky if we don’t get NEGATIVE returns!

See, from Day #1, the Wealthy have known ONE thing:


We used to turn to the Stock Market for that, but today, the World has changed. It’s time we evolved as well. I still agree that in order to be wealthy, we need multiple streams of passive income, however, the approach to getting those streams – is completely different today.

Here’s the #1 advice I can give you today.

Stop relying on OTHER people to take care of your future.

Not your parents.
Not your children.
Not the Government.
No one.

Saving money and hoping that those savings will somehow lead to Wealth is absolutely a waste of time and energy. It’s such a waste that it’s downright nuts.

So, what should someone do?


Listen, we’re in a new age. We’re in the DIGITAL age. The Industrial Age is over and is now being replaced by the Information Age. This is leading to some major opportunities for everyone.

The only question is will you take the opportunity.

Starting a business has never been more simple than it is today.

This is truly the one time in our World that it’s becoming almost necessary that everyone accept Entrepreneurship and take action. It cannot be ignored anymore.

The World is getting worse.

No election is going to fix it. Our government cannot fix it (not any time soon).

Rely only on one person and that is yourself.

If you do not know what opportunity to look for, ASK me.

Childhood dream

It has always been my dream to travel around the world. Literally I started from age 12 in my own hometown where I took bus from 1 place to another. It never failed to amaze me what I can do despite of how young the age I was. I just travel safe by taking the bus from the bus stop near my place and do a round trip so that I can make sure I can return to my home without asking for assistance. And I do all these by myself.

My mum and dad never question me nor feel unsafe for me. I know what I want to do. To see the world out there. It is not that my parents never bring me out, it is just the little explorer in me want to explore more places while I can. And I did it. Then after this little adventure, it got bigger into my thoughts. I got a chance to go Hong Kong on my own with my little brother who was 4 years younger than me. Fear never gripped me then. I only now this is the first chance I get to travel out of my country and step into a country where I will first know what is out there. Is it getting exciting?

I believe a lot of us are like that but for whatever reasons or fear or anything could have stop you from doing things you love. Well, if I never had the small thought of travel to start with, I believe I might not do it bigger as I was a quiet person.

This brew my mind bigger to more things in life. From that age onward, I never stop traveling around my country or to other countries. It is usually either a work opportunity or leisure trip. I am glad I am still able to do it with my own family now.

Whatever that dream might be, start it now or today. You will never know where it leads to. It is not how much money you have, it is how big your thoughts can get you to anywhere you want or can. Believe in yourself like I did at the age of 12.

My belief in traveling come from the various books from various author which spark my imagination and things I love to do. I encourage you to read and explore.



As I enter to the 2nd day of 2017, I may have my goals and resolutions list, I am still thankful for what I had and going to have.

With this enthusiasm, I continue to march forward and do what is necessary to achieve my goals.

Take a deep breathe in and out for 3 times, clear my mind. Then with gratitude, I give thanks for all the things that run through my thoughts. It certainly make me feel refreshed and wonderful that I can remember and recall what I had gone through.

Do this exercise as often as you can to increase that enthusiasm you are looking for in 2017 to fulfill whatever you love to do.

May your year 2017 start with a big bang!

What do you want to leave to your children?

I just had a conversation with my good friend and she shared with me her friend’s story on how a family grandparents doted on their children so much that they would go to any extend to give them the gifts the minute they said they want.

It is kinda sad that this is what we call, parent’s guilt of saying to them that now that I have good life, I want my children to have good life too.

For me, it doesn’t work this way unfortunately even though my parents live well off at their time. We were made to do that task and my father especially will remind me of the hard works we need to do before we achieve anything. I now can understand and confer with this statement. I am reminded also by my mentors that use broke to help to achieve what you really want in life example, success, freedom, financial freedom, etc.

My friend went on to continue that no wonder now a days in Singapore, children do not want to work after they got their degree. I was like how can it be? I work so hard to get my degree inspite of my dad initial disagreement that girl like me should not study so high. What is wrong with our kids in Singapore?

Then I remembered my neighbor’s niece is also behaving this way then she told me the reason is because they knew their parents are leaving them money and property. So there is no point to work so hard. I am not sure if this is happen else where in this world now. I believe if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

I see many children nowadays are driving things or doing things out of fear or can’t be bothered attitude. They no longer have dreams other than playing ipads. They no longer have desire, other than just play games, take drugs,join gangs, cyber bully and disco dancing to have fun. Is this what our world has become?

I remembered my dad ever told my mum our next few generations will be not any better off. I recalled seeing news everywhere so negative. Is this true? Or am I living in another virtual depression (sound like another war) ?

It is a reality that I had to accept and come to term. Now I just want to continue to educate my children into learning rather than just keep thinking about money or material possessions.